Healthy Sex is Better Sex: 5 Satisfying Tips for Couples

The first thing that needs to be established here is that sex is good for you. While this might seem obvious to most people, many people are uncomfortable with sex because it makes them feel guilty. But if done right and with the right partner, it’s a wonderful experience and nothing to feel guilty about.

Before getting to those 5 Satisfying Tips for Couples, it should be noted that sex is good for your psychological health, physical health, and overall immune function. The more you orgasm, the more you’re going to experience these benefits. In essence, this more sex leads to a longer and higher quality of life. That’s as long as you don’t have too many partners, of course, which can lead to danger. Now let’s get to those tips.

1. Schedule A Specific Time
Many people think that scheduling a specific time for sex isn’t romantic, but it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling. In the end, you and your partner are going to be happy you went through with it.

The number one enemy for sex is stress. It’s even worse if you see your partner as the stress simply because nobody wants to have sex with stress. However, if you schedule a specific time and follow through, that stress is going to be relieved. And everything you have to get done after sex is going to seem easier and be done with more joy.

2. Engage In Non-Sexual Acts
If you’re always going straight for sex, your partner might not appreciate it. You’re going to make them feel like an object. You will have much greater success by bonding otherwise first. On the intimate side, this includes hugs and kisses. But you also want to include activities, such as going to an amusement park, kayaking, doing an escape room together, or hiking. Doing these things will improve your bond, which will make the path to sex much easier because it will come more naturally.

3. Masturbate In Front Of Your Partner
Yes, you read that correctly. When you do this, you’re vulnerable, which will bring you closer together, literally and figuratively. Your partner will also be aroused by watching you pleasure yourself. You might not think this is the case if your sex life is struggling, but wait until you see what happens when you try it.

4. Take A Couples Sex Class
This is a bold move, but it will pay off. It almost always does. Most sex classes will focus on new positions and techniques while also introducing new toys, but it’s really about vulnerability and setting.

5. See A Sex Therapist
If all else fails, see a sex therapist or Sexpert. This won’t involve finger-pointing or anything like that. It’s the exact opposite. The therapist will help you rekindle your desires by making you both realize that no one has been to blame and all struggles have been circumstantial.

Now you know how to improve your sex life. That said, the most important tip overall has yet to be revealed. It all begins upstairs. Never aim low. Aim high for the connection upstairs and everything else will fall into place.


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