How and Why Hong Kong Seeks to Attract Foreign National Talent

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Are you experiencing to leave the HKSAR? Will you get an extension to your employment credit even though it is no more sponsored by an boss you’ve today ceased doing work for? Can you go into some sort of visa-limbo land? Would you leave HK for each day or 2 and keep coming back as a customer? Should you that, does it mean you lose your continuity of residence for the applications of an eventual software for a Permanent Hong Kong Identification Card, acquiring right of abode in the process?The Complete Traveler's Guide to the China Transit Visa | Linda ...

They’re all-important issues confronted frequently enough by international national citizens of HK to justify answers to. So here we move: With out a job provide you with can’t use to increase your employment charge permissions. Therefore, when your current amount of stay goes out, you must go to Immigration Tower in Wanchai and get hold of a visitor credit on the pre-text that you need to keep in the HKSAR to carry on to locate an alternate employment.

The HKID must support such needs for a number of weeks/a several small weeks, especially as the lengthier you’ve existed in the HKSAR, the more amenable they are to empowering you to remain in situ to help you grab yourself back on an audio employment footing after again. Once you’ve a job present at hand, you need to re-apply for an employment credit via the 24/F of Immigration System yet again utilizing the forms ID990A and ID990B (even though these forms are made for applicants who’re presently residing beyond Hong Kong). Applying the shape ID91 (extension of stay for a visitor seeking to change status back once again to employment although in HK via the 5/F is no further the method followed by the HKID). Note when you intend to begin your personal organization a different method applies that moves beyond the range of this discussion.

Under that device, when your new visa program is permitted, you is going to be issued with a new charge tag that you need certainly to stimulate by exiting HK (usually via Macau or Shenzhen for the day) and re-entering with the brand new charge label put in your passport for activation whenever you recross the line back in the HKSAR. Any enclosed household members with terminated dependent visas only follow in the stead of your employment credit applications to help you handle the problem for each of you in the identical manner.

None of this process assistance, in addition, means you’ll instantly go the approvability test for your new employment or (possibly) expense charge program, but does reduce always light on the twilight world for expats who end up temporarily visa-less following having built Hong Kong their home. One ultimate point. Usually, anytime spent in such visa-limbo-land won’t compromise your continuity of house in Hong Kong visa agent for the applications of your ultimate proper of abode application. But don’t allow too much time pass. Get up with regularising your employment visa condition when you can.

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